Hot tips to liven up your transactional emails

Bruce follows the best practices.

You already learned the benefits for investing on transactional emails, besides knowing the meaning of this type of email itself. So it’s time to go a little deeper on this matter in order to discover a way to spice up your messages, turning your important, but “boring”, transactional email into an awesome customer experience, plus more cash for you. It sounds great, isn’t it?

Transactional emails are so important. Every single one is a great opportunity to engage your customers, however most of the time they’re ignored by marketers. But why is that? Because they focus their time and energy on creating promotional emails instead of direct their attention to build relationships.

To revert it, let’s see some great insights to improve your communicational strategy. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1) Personalize your messages

If you just add your customer’s name the chances of more clicks is higher, because they feel special about it. Everybody wants to be addressed as the unique recipient of your message. So think about it and try to personalize the contentas most as you can.

2) Show your brand as the sender

It’s cool to identify who you are: name, logo, color. It helps your company to create a bond with your customers, because they’ll trust on the sender as long as they know who you are. It’s also good for mobile devices, so people can find your brand more easily.

3) Encourage social media interaction

Want more likes, shares or follows? Give your customers a reason to do one or more options. Include social icons and links in every email you send. This way, they may increase interaction with your brand, referrals and recommend the content to their friends and followers.

4) Promote your blog articles

When you write an article, you spend a lot of time to research and effort to turn it in a valuable content, right? So you should leverage it wherever and whenever you can. Send to your customers the latest news or even the most popular posts.

5) Show some personality

If your company culture is cool, flexible and relaxed, than it’s time to promote it to your target audience. You can take pictures of your staff or even of your customers. You can show a particular situation, such as parties, meetings or curiosities.

6) Make it easy for your customers

Just make sure any critical information is there, ok? Let them know what to do with your email. Be as specific as possible. If it’s a shipment confirmation, don’t forget to include a link, so your customer can track what he or she is waiting for, and also the estimated delivery time. Be deep, smart and remember that the fewer clicks the better.

7) Be grateful whenever you need

Show some gratitude to the subscribers for their actions. If they have signed up or downloaded an eBook, for example. Say thank you, appreciate what they are doing and be at disposal for any questions they might have.

8) Insert contact information

It also seems obvious, but it’s always good to remember, just in case. Make sure to put your contact information in every transactional email you send and in an easily way to be found, so your subscribers can reach out to you anytime they need.

It’s always worth remembering that transactional emails must remain strictly transactional. It’s seems obvious if you follow the nomenclature, but sometimes it is misled with promotional emails, breaking the Can-Spam law. Each of these messages is directly related to something your customers have done. In a few words, it’s a reaction for some particular action which means it’s much more likely to be opened.

So send what your customers want, don’t miss any opportunity and explore the most all data you can offer, without doing any kind of marketing, of course. Got it? Your mission with transactional emails is to create a direct emotional connection between your brand and your customers. It’s all about empathy in order to develop a better customer experience, plus increase engagement.