5 benefits of using transactional emails

Bruce is happy with the benefits.

You already know what a transactional email is and also which type of message you can create through it, so let’s talk about the benefits. After all, you should know how important for your audience this action can be. Are you interested?

Well, on the other way of the common belief, this type of interaction isn’t reserved just for ecommerce and buying or selling things. Did you know that? There are no limits about what kind of emails will be automatically sent to your subscribers individually. It depends on the actions they took. So let’s take a look at the benefits you conquer when you use transactional emails.


The main advantage of this type of email is the personalized touch, since, even being an automated message, it’s individually sent to your subscribers rather than a mass delivery you usually see happening with email marketing, for example. Of course you may be personal this way too. Yet transactional emails are just developed for this purpose. So, just in case, you should invest on both.


To be effective and to achieve the best results you must consider behavioral data. From this point, you will be able to offer value through a real invite to individual readers in order to take part in a conversation with your brand. They’ll be grateful to you and they’ll appreciate your effort to deliver true value.


Since each transactional email is almost a real-time response to an individual action, you can reach your customers right on time. It means more chances to grab their attention and to lead them to engage with your brand at the moment their purchase intention are the highest.


It’s a natural consequence, because this is the kind of email your customers are waiting for. It’s not a promotional email. It doesn’t have any trace of marketing stuff or any kind of commercial offer. Transactional emails count with a core goal and it’s related to build strong relationships between your brand and your customers. It means loyalty, got it? You have the power to shape these bonds.


Following these paths, you should expect more than increased open and click-through rates. Offering value by delivering timely content and well-suited to your customer’s needs, you will have them by your side. Your unique job is to carefully analyze the way you develop your communicational strategy to your audience, avoiding weaker points, and when you find one, improving it constantly and quickly.

As you can see, there are awesome spots you can move on in order to captivate your customer’s attention. Take a look at our tips and perhaps some of them will inspire you to implement transactional emails into your strategy to start an effective conversation with them. We’ll tell you it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. We give you our word on this one.