Maildocker: The best free alternative to Mandrill!

Maildocker: The best free alternative to Mandrill!

Many dissatisfied customers have begun their search for alternatives to Mandrill. To clarify those who still haven’t heard the news, Mailchimp platform announced on February 24th major changes in Mandrill, its transactional emails platform.

From March 16th, all new Mandrill users must create accounts through MailChimp, and Mandrill current customers will have to merge their existing accounts with a monthly MailChimp account. Current users will have until April 27th to perform the procedure.

What was an independent platform, which could be contracted to send transactional emails, will be transformed into an add-on, a complement to the main Mailchimp platform which is focused on email marketing. This change directly reaches the customers’ pockets, as before the platform had a free plan available and now it will be billed monthly to be used on Mailchimp. Mandrill will be disabled in 60 days, which is making developers run like crazy in search of alternatives to sending their transactional emails.

The best alternative to Mandrill!

The bad news is that Mandrill will let its users down, but the great one is that if you or your company are looking for an alternative to Mandrill, you no longer need to look for it! Maildocker, a complete transactional emails platform, has just launched. Maildocker has an intelligent and independent delivery server, which can be easily integrated with other platforms via API. It is the only platform with transactional emails automation based on the user’s behavior on websites, emails, among others. Created for developers, Maildocker system performs and sends fully customized emails through a high reputation server, that guarantees delivery after performing the Dedicated IP's warming. With many innovative features, the platform arrives unanimous as the best alternative to Mandrill, because no other tool provides so many possibilities for customization and complex configurations, beyond certifying the safety and deliverability of your messages with the Digital Signature, a technology that uses encryption and links the digital certificate to the electronic document being signed.

Still in doubt about having found the best alternatives to Mandrill? Maildocker promises much more! Besides being the sole transactional platform that also offers the transactional emails automation, it has a completely free plan that ensures sending up to 10,000 transactional emails every month!

Go to and sign up for free now! Our technical staff will provide you all the support to import of your contacts list into our platform.

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