Transactional Email:Increase engagement and boost sales

Bruce and Eddie shopping.

In digital commerce times, the biggest challenge for all shopkeeper is to offer a fast and efficient service on e-commerce sites, in order to optimize the engagement with users, especially when dealing with the final consumer, whether B2B or B2C. Perhaps this happens because of the speed of digital information or the rush of real life where customers are increasingly less tolerant.

While there is a strong migration from physical to electronic commerce, precisely because of its speed and convenience, "omni channel" customers generation (multichannel) want much more than short-term, quality products and affordable prices. They want to have control of the situation! Clear communication and assertive throughout the buying process is essential to ensure the satisfaction of any audience, since the demand for the product, purchasing, payment and delivery.

Amid a scenario where customization and automation are the key words to attract the audience's attention, consumers behavior becomes decisive in determining how the company will contact them. And for this reason, many companies operating in the digital environment have surrendered to the benefits that communication via transactional email provides.

Communicating well is certainly a determining factor in loyalty, as customers' trust in a store increases with a higher level of intimacy and / or sympathy he has with it and, in this case, a well planned transactional email makes all the difference.

Through the monitoring system offered by transactional email sending platforms, you can send emails with exclusive offers related to products that a user has been looking or even buying and that, somehow, eventually gave up. This way, e-commerce sites can use this information to segment the target audience and create e-mails with personalized offers or special discounts, for example. It is important to take the opportunity to include calls-to-action (CTAs) and use the potential of transactional actions for cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

Check out some great insights to improve your communication strategy and transform your transactional emails into incredible experiences for your customers:

1) Find the right trigger

Detect situations that impact more customer retention and completion of purchases and schedule messages for consumers who stop by.

2) Customize your posts

Remember that everyone wants to be treated as the only recipient of a message, and try to personalize the content as much as possible. If you add the name of your customer, you will have higher chances for clicks.

3) Your brand as the sender

It is important to identify your company’s name, logo and color, as it helps to creating a bond with your customers. On mobile devices (mobile), it helps customers finding your brand more easily.

4) Encourage interaction

Include social icons and links in every email you send. Thus, users can increase interaction with your brand, make referrals and recommend content to friends and followers.

5) Promote your blog

Send your customers the latest news or even the most popular posts and turn the time spent on research and effort into valuable content.

6) Make things easy for your customers

Make sure that no important information is missing on your emails. Show users what to do. Be as specific as possible. Be dense, smart and remember that the less clicks the better.

7) Say thanks

Show gratitude for your contacts’ actions. If they signed up or have downloaded an e-book, for example, say thank you, appreciate what they are doing and show available for any questions they might have.

8) Include contact information

Be sure to put your contact information clearly in each transactional e-mail you send, so your contacts can reach you anytime.

Remember that to create an effective strategy and offer consumers exactly what they want, you need to take advantage of all the information obtained from monitoring the behavior of these users that the shipping platform offers to understand their interests, who perceive the care their preferences are being treated with. In order to be profitable to retailers, transactional email must be friendly, informative, brief and complete. Save time, conquer the customers and still reap some extra information about the user profile - and the customer himself - who will feel safe and well informed throughout the buying process, which will surely greatly increase open rates and clicks campaigns, ensuring the success of the actions.

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