How to choose a reliable transactional email platform!

How to choose a reliable transactional email platform!

On the last week of February 2016, thousands of Mandrill customers were taken by surprise after a big announcement: the tool will be fused into MailChimp’s platform and can only be used as an add-on. After that, the free transactional email will cease to exist, and those who want to continue using Mandrill, in addition to paying, must firstly hire MailChimp’s services. Confusing, isn´t it?

Before this announcement, a great demand for a reliable transactional emails platform was created, with fair price and high quality services delivery. Among many tools available on market it’s increasingly difficult to identify the most reliable transactional email platform for your company. On this blogpost, we will cover some important points that should be taken into account when choosing your platform of transactional emails.

How to choose the most appropriate platform for your business

Several questions run on the mind of who is looking for a platform of transactional emails, but some of them are very relevant and should be made before hiring a platform:

  • What resources do I need for transactional emails?
  • Which platform has the best deliverability rate?
  • Which one ensures the security of my information ?
  • Is the price charged fair?
  • Will I have quality support?

There are many important questions, ‘cause both the financial issue and information transfer are involved. And when it comes to the user’s database, things get really serious!

It’s necessary to ensure that the company chosen to carry out sending your transactional emails performs a whole and grounded work, and if has an extensive experience in their services. A team of dedicated specialists and multilingual service also makes all the difference!

Maildocker: The most reliable alternative

If you are an ex-Mandrill users or is searching for the right transactional email platform, fear no more! The perfect platform. with all features that you need do exist! Maildocker is not only the most complete, but also the most reliable platform for sending transactional emails on the market.

With Maildocker, it’s possible to apply your mark using a digital signature. Due to the big quantity of crimes that occur daily on the digital world, the digital signature is a way to prove the origin of a document, becoming essential for those who run online businesses.

Another exclusiviness of Maildocker is the customization of Return Path, which defines the address where emails shall be returned, used too for some email authentication methods. Its configuration doesn’t affect the deliverability of your transactional emails, but this feature helps to create an alignment between SPF, DKIM and DMARC. With Maildocker’s platform, it is also possible to verify interesting information as reputation and deliverability rates using full, updated reports with full logs, and the possitibility to enable tracking options, webhooks and tags.

Maildocker has been developed by eCentry, a global company with more than sixteen years on the market and broad experience on offering innovative solutions in digital marketing. Our transactional emails platform has many other exclusive functionalities, such as “Docklets”, which works like independent email servers that allow the personalization of your sends in many ways. Maildocker allows the creation of many Docklets, where each one can be customized according to the needs of every business, segment or type of company. This feature can be used to organize the sending of your transactional emails, the way you want it to be.

No more doubts: migrate now!

There’s no question: choose the best alternative to Mandrill! Maildocker, besides being the only transactional emails platform with an email automation service, has a totally free plan where you can sent up to 10.000 transactional emails per month!

Access and sign up right now: we have special conditions for Mandrill customers. Our technical team will offer all the support to successfully import your contact base to our platform in a fast and secure way. Give it a try!

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