Customize with Maildocker: Smart Transactional Emails!

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Released this year at one of the most important Silicon Valley technology events, Tech Crunch, Maildocker is an intelligent platform, entirely dedicated to sending transactional emails based on user behavior and events logs.

The most complete automation platform is designed to meet the demands of those who need to send personalized messages as welcome e-mails, changing passwords, shipping confirmation, receipts and invoices. The platform is able to send any kind of information the user expects to receive, which means that you can send any kind of e-mail which is not spam by Maildocker with capacity of over 1 billion e-mails a month.

With a pioneering concept, the platform prioritizes automation, and has a high reputation server to ensure delivery from a complete infrastructure monitoring and real-time analysis, focusing on simplicity and integration ease.

Fully Customizable

One of the highlights of the platform is its outstanding customization capabilities with variables, constants and complex conditions, plus the ability to create loops in different templates, or replicated commands for data comparison, which allows the user brand operation untill the maximum.

Another peculiarity of Maildocker is the customizable Return Path, an exclusivity of the tool. The Return Path sets the address to return emails and is also used by some methods of e-mail authentication. This does not affect deliverability, but it sure helps to create alignment between SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Thus, you can define which emails failed the authentication rules, create a policy to put the emails in quarantine or reject them, for example, in alignment (although this should only be done in the certainty that the legitimate e-mails will not be rejected). So that it is fully aligned according to the DMARC, the domain address of the must match the domain or subdomain of the Return Path address. You can also configure and create more domains in the tool, the domain used to track clicks and openings may be customized as well.

Docklet: A Complete Infrastructure

This new exclusive design in sending transactional emails is one of the many avant-garde concepts of the tool. The docklets act as containers, independent e-mail servers that provide various ways to customize sending e-mails.

The tool allows you to create several docklets, allowing a more efficient organization of transactional e-mails, where each one can be customized according to the needs of each business, in other words, several independent settings for each need or thread. You can also check out interesting information such as reputation and deliverability rates. You can also enable tracking options, webhooks and tags.

Take a test drive and see these and many other benefits of the best and most complete platform for transactional emails automation in the the world! Maildocker offers 10,000 e-mails per month, completely free. Perfect start, right? However, if you search for more e-mails to send, you can buy credits in a pay-per-use plan, in case you exceed your quota.